B/W grain test F31FD 3200 ISO

Primal I use the F31FD as my available light camera. And I know that colors are a problem at 3200 ISO. So i think about black and white photos. But there are two ways of creating. One with direct b/w in the camera settings and one with postproduction. So i had to try out the better solution. Therefore I made three shots in the same difficult light condition.  One in camera colormode setting b/w, one in normal and one in chrome.

Kamera: Fujifilm FinePix F31fd
Belichtung: 0,02 sec (1/50)
Blende: f/8
Brennweite: 8 mm
ISO-Empfindlichkeit: 3200
Belichtungskorrektur: 0/100 EV
Blitz: Flash did not fire




Then I made some crops of this photos and change setting normal and chrome into b/w via Photoshop.

Crop Setting_colormode_b/w

Crop Setting_colormode_normal to b/w via Photoshop


Crop Setting_colormode_chrome to b/w via Photoshop

It looks like at 3200 ISO camera color setting normal and a b/w postproduction via Photoshop is the best way.

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