production tools_ panasonic dmw-lw69 on leica dl 2

First test of the original Panasonic wide converter for the Leica DL2 between an interview session on the island Amrum. Also have a look at the “time lapse” section cause most of the examples are made with the DL2 and the DMW-LW69 wide converter. In the same section is a document with some photos of the complete setup (requires flash plugin). And on Flickr i have a Set with some photos of the original Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC1  half case. This fits perfect on the DL2. amrum2-126k.jpg wwamrum2k.jpg amrum2-893k.jpg amrum2-404k.jpg amrum22.jpg amrum23.jpg













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7 thoughts on “amrum”

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  2. frank weir says:

    I just wanted to say your the photos on this page are absolutely mind blowing! I have been sending the web address to other Digi 2 owners I know. Amazing photos. You are VERY talented! You should set up a Flickr account so people here in the states can see your work. Its through Yahoo and free. I’d love to see your photos postings on a regular basis.
    Thanks for your contributions to the photo world,
    Frank Weir
    Michigan, USA

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  5. Alex says:

    Hi, I love your wide photos taken on the digilux 2. Can you tell me if you used any noise reducing software? They look very clean images! Thanks Alex

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  7. Mark Dankers says:

    Already sold your DMW-LW69 converter? Please let me know, I’m looking for one!

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