TIME:LOG [1809123]

A funny and true story about female logic, photographs and memories.

20 years ago I visited a girl friend in her new flat. Walking through the rooms i discovered on a shelf undeveloped film cartridges labeled with dates of the past 8 years. And here is what the girl told about it:

“These are my favorite holiday memories from the last 8 years. I like taking pictures so much but I am a terrible photographer and I always had been frustrated about the results which had nothing to do with my imagination between shooting the photos. Therefore, I decided one day to stop letting develop my films. But not to stop photographing. And now every time when I take one of this undeveloped cartridges into my hands I can describe you every single image i have made – and this much better than it could be reflect by prints”.

For visitors who like the post: have a look at the `timelock theory` which gave this blog its name.

For Irmo: if you read this please give me a life sign.

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