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In my childhood there had been a few things that boys had to have always with in their pockets –  included a knife. And to find the right copy for me I have needed 45 years. It is the Leatherman Micra. But in contrast to the ideas of my childhood the Micra have a scissors as its main tool. In practice this is needed much more often than a knife (which is also available, of course).


In folded position the Micra is just 6 cm long and 1.5 cm thick. And the shape with the rounded corner makes it like carrying a lightweight palm stone in your pocket.


The used material is stainless steel and makes a very high-quality and durable impression. Unfortunately, with a very stupid exception: the sharpness of scissors. Because if the scissor is frequently used appropriately, it sometime is truncated / unsharp. And then the problems begin. I could not find a satisfactory professional workaround to get the main tool sharp again. Neither directly from Leatherman nor via Google. The scissors allows to be open only at a slight angle. So normal grinding tools can not be used. And personally dismantling is too risky to me.


But now fortune has helped me. Since a month I have a weekend cottage. And took over a few tools from the previous owner. Among other things a chain saw with accessories. This panel includes tools for maintenance of the saw. After a review I discovered a  corrugated metal rod, which is 0.5 cm thick and 20cm long. On looking closely I found a marking which identify the stuff as a grinding rod 11/64 of Stihl. And I thought to try it on my problem. I wetted the Micra scissors with a few drops of acid and resin-free oil and rubbed the abrasive bar along the cutting surface. Because of its small dimensions, I could actually sharpen the entire surface. And so I have found a way to fix the last downside of my constant companion.












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