Over the last 15 years my girlfriend and I had build up a nice relationship to Eveline, the owner of a health food store at the Carlsplatz in Duesseldorf. From her shopwindows Eveline had the best view over the market square. She knew every seller and buyer, the newest rumors and gossip. And she had been known by everybody, made a short talk with everybody and gave everybody a health hint or life wisdom for free. That all made her to the uncrowned Queen of the Carlsplatz. But due to health problems Eveline had now to abandon her shop. As I  stoped fortuitous in front of the shop last week the door was open and an estate agent with a few interested tenant visited the spaces. I took the chance and made a few remembrance photos with my CM1 camera phone. And combine the results with some extreme rare shots I made from Queen Eveline between one of her audiences. Rare because Eveline did not like to be photographed. And which or who fall from the Queens grace she could beheaded. So it looks like she really loved me cause until now I have my head between my shoulders.




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