To use the DMC GX 80 / 85 as a video camera I had to do some customisations.

I bought an original SmallRig, but found the perfect hand grip in a product made by the German company Kilfitt in the 1960th. The grip have a shutter release trigger which ends in a mount for a mechanical remote cable. Also it have a adjustable metal shoulder rest and a shoulder strap made of leather. The stuff from Kilfitt is intelligently conceived, is build out of high quality material and can be complete disassembled.

For the transition between the mechanical remote cable and the camera release button I devised an special adapter which can be used on the SmallRig. And my personal Gyro Gearloose build the adapter for me in a extrem limited edition of one pieces.

For my lovely Zhongyi Speedmaster 0,95/25mm I found the perfect fitting focus levers in Super8 stuff from Ewa Marine.

And for a better view I bought the Tarion TR-V2.

The whole stuff can be used on every other camera with a rig.

More photos from my custom GX80 via flickr    I     more information about Kilfitt via photobutmore   more information about Ewa Marine    I    more information about SmallRig    I    more information about Tarion    I   more information about Zhongyi    I      more information about 80 degrees cable release adapters from Gebr. Schreck  ……and more information about my Gyro Gearloose and his workshop







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