As I stumble through the endless list of new domain endings the site of my provider coincidencely shows the term “security” direct under the term “sex”.

sex vs security

Only therefore I realize that the price for “security” or “protection” is more then sixteen time higher then the one for “sex”. And that’s a big surprise for me. In the early internet years almost every online offer with direct or implied references to sex had been a license to print money. Corresponding to that fact domains with “sex” as a part of the name were nearly invaluable. Climax of this hype was an auction in 2006 where the company “DOM Partners LLC” bought the domain “sex.com” – for reported $14 million. But now in the digital world of 2018 it looks as if “fear” has supplanted “sex” as the most exploitable human drive. Back to the list of my provider: costs for “dot xxx” = 9,90 Euro per month, “dot sex” = 16 Euro per month, “dot security” = 260 Euro per month, “dot protection” = 260 Euro per month. What does this tell us about our digital society and about preferences in the century of Trump and Brexit?

porn vs protection


Try this with your own domain wish

or check the search from ICANN


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