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My memories resemble more and more those few photos that I took of her and our life. They are black and white, blurry and grainy. Is there a Photoshop for memories in my head? Missing you.             . . . . . […]


I grew up in a small country village long before internet, social media and smartphones conquered the world. Like most families in our neighborhood we only had  one common phone in the corridor – with a three-digit number (561) and a rotary dial switch. However the next possibility to close a […]

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Martin Rendel_ contrarian, philosopher, mover + shaker, great chairman and friend.    cv martin rendel        I       mail_ martin(at)         I          cell_ +491732994777 . .. MORE ABOUT XU YONG – NEGATIVES BY GALLERY JULIAN SANDER     MORE […]

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timelock [ 17061215 ]

“Photoshop” like image manipulation made in the early 20th century.  With this form of collage portrayed persons could transform themselves in the characters they wanted to be.

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heinz conrads

Ende der 80er – letzter Tag der originalen Filmschänke, einer Veedelskneipe in der Kölner Nordstadt, nähe Eigelstein, direkt neben dem ehemaligen Pornokino und dem Cafe Schmitz. Mein lieber Freund und WG-Mitbewohner Heinz hat mich gebeten, mit der Videokamera vorbeizukommen und den für ihn so wichtigen […]

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