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TIMELOCK [ 51.21388°N 6.75288°E ]

Between Hammer Strasse and Zollhof is an old storage facility. And for a moment I thought that the building had a face which looks very sorrowful. Wasn’t there a silent cry? Or was this only imagination? It is one of the last harbor originals but the […]

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An interview from our member Catherine Cheng with Ai Weiwei in Bejing 2015. Ai Weiwei is answering questions about K26 Sino-German Art Association and our “Chinese Independent Cinema” at the Filmfest Hamburg. To protect the sources in China i put some extra interferer, black areas and beepers into this video. K26 Sino-German […]


Have you discovered the sad little face on the circuit printing plate? First I made it happy and then i made it to my new Gravatar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Since two month I am the lucky owner of an Astell & Kern 100 II – a portable high definition audio-player for 24Bit/192kHz. Build quality and sound are epic, but i can`t understand that A&K had not produced a ergonomic holster, case or bag for portable […]

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Poesie of the source code: some low light impressions from PLATINE Cologne 2015 – the festival focuses on electronic media, covering the realm from art statements up to alternative gaming forms. Link to the website of PLATINE Cologne We are publishing photographs, videos and articles on […]

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analog Alexandra Schalaudek


analog is a project from Alexandra Schalaudek and in my opinion analog is the origin / analog has only one original / analog means real time and real dimensions / analog means with skin, mouth, ears, eyes, nose and tongue / analog is unpredictable / analog is filthy / analog is coincidence / […]

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On my way to a chip shop I came through a dark underpass. And discovered this Harald Naegeli lookalike graffiti – perfect illuminated by sun. Some days later i returned to the spot with my camera and noticed that the sun glowed only for 10 […]

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If you are this women or if you know who she is or if you are the true owner of this memories please contact me. Staggering sleepless and disoriented through ebay I unexpectedly saw this beautiful face. I had to own the foreign memories – […]

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When i first saw and heard Maria Takeuchi her mind-blowing stuff I was reminded of Friedrich Nietzsche´s “The Birth of Tragedy” or the introduction lines at the 12inch “Welcome to the Pleasuredome”: With the help of  Xbox One Kinect for motion data capture: I am no longer […]

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