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TIME:LOCK is an open lab for researches and developments in the field of sensory perceptions. Referring to the header the term “Timelock” is out of a theoretical paper by P. Vandevelde and J.-R. Geurts, which was published under the name “L’horloger de la comète” and dealt […]

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analog Alexandra Schalaudek


analog is a project from Alexandra Schalaudek and in my opinion analog is the origin / analog has only one original / analog means real time and real dimensions / analog means with skin, mouth, ears, eyes, nose and tongue / analog is unpredictable / analog is filthy / analog is coincidence / […]

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If you are this women or if you know who she is or if you are the true owner of this memories please contact me. Staggering sleepless and disoriented through ebay I unexpectedly saw this beautiful face. I had to own the foreign memories – […]

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